Physical experimentation, with the aid of large-scale test facilities, is a reliable way to simulate a current operation, understand the process, assess its performance and quantify the effect of modifications. BHR Group’s expert knowledge, combined with our wide range of facilities, enable us to create the perfect scaled model for your purposes and to run the tests you need to improve your design

FMP's experimental facilities include:
■    Stirred-tank reactors with a wide range of agitators and other internals up to 2.7m diameter
■    In-line static mixer rigs with pipe diameters from 10 to 100 mm
■    Jet mixed tanks with diameters of up to 2m and different nozzle configurations 
■    Wide range of viscometers and rheometers
■    Wide range of test and simulant fluids
■    Specialist technicians to customise rigs for specific requirements