FMP Excel Design Guide

The FMP Excel Design Guide has been developed as a simple tool to allow Members to quickly and easily perform Mixing performance calculations described in the FMP Design Guide Documents.

Overview Form

The latest release of the FMP Excel Design Guide is Version 5.11. The latest version of the accompanying Windows Help File is Version 5. For installation/usage instructions click here

Key improvements in version 5.11 include:

New gas-liquid correlation to predict flooding/loading condition for concave blade radial flow impellers

Single impeller axial and mixed flow impeller solid cloud height correlation as presented March 2017

d32 and dmax predictions based on liquid-liquid work for both coalescing and non-coalescing systems (but note that for coalescing systems one constant should be based on users own experiments as it is highly geometry and system dependant).

Basic shaft critical frequency calculations, assuming infinitely stiff top mounting, single diameter shaft with up to 4 impellers

Corrected gas hold-up and mass transfer correlations for “freely coalescing viscous Newtonian fluid” systems

Several efficiency improvements