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Nov 7

Written by: FMP News Editor
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BHR Group success at 14th European Conference on Mixing

The 14th European Conferences on Mixing organised under the auspices of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE Event number 711) was held in Warsaw on 10-13 September 2012, hosted by the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology and chaired by Professor Jerzy Baldyga.

The European Conference on Mixing series, held every three years, brings together the global scientific community working in all areas relating to mixing.  The 14th of these series held in Warsaw, Poland, on 10-13 September was no exception to this.  127 delegates from 21 countries attended the event.

According to the conference website (, the conference provided a forum for presentations and interesting debates on the latest advances in theory and practice of mixing. Conference sessions were on fluid mechanical fundamentals of mixing processes, chemically reactive flows and precipitation, single- and multi-phase mixing, mixing of complex fluids, suspensions and dispersions, mixing in process intensification, mixing in biotechnological applications, and advances in numerical simulation of mixing.

BHR Group twin Conference presentations leads to publication

BHR Group is an independent contract research and technology organisation specialising in the application of fluid engineering in a number of industrial sectors including mixing.  Established for over 65 years, BHR Group works with industrial companies helping them to maintain their competitive edge by providing independent and impartial expert advice, specialising in technical services and knowledge transfer.

From the research carried out within the BHR Group industrial consortium, DOMINO ( and the EC funded project AddNano (contract number 229284), Dr. Gül Özcan-Taşkın presented two papers:

Incorporation of nanoparticle clusters into liquids using a proprietary design mixer- Ytron Y Jet” N. Gül Özcan-Taşkın &

Dispersion of nanoscale silica particles using a novel design stirred bead mill” N. Gül Özcan-Taşkın, Emmanuela Gavi, Dominik Kubicki, Ying Wang

So impressed were the Organising Committee by one of these papers, that it has been invited for journal publication.


BHR Group sponsors Lifetime Recognition Award

During this conference, the European Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE) Working Party on Mixing presents the Lifetime Recognition Award to a prominent contributor in the field.  This year’s award was sponsored by BHR Group and was therefore called the BHR Group Lifetime Recognition Award.  The Award was given to Professor Franco Magelli from the University of Bologna, who could not attend the Conference due to health reasons.

Dr Gül Özcan-Taşkın of BHR Group, announcing the BHR Group Lifetime Recognition Award, Dr Joelle Aubin, Secretary of Working Party on Mixing, displaying the certificate (below) of Professor Franco Magelli of the University of Bologna.

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